About Me

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Hi, I am Antonée also known as Sheba.

Antonee “Sheba” Adeya  is the Founder of Sheba Consults LLC and Den Leader of SHeBA Women’s Empowerment Group which stands for She’s Better After it ALL. Born to empower women, Sheba’s life orchestration is empowerment through absolute truth and love wherever she goes. In honoring and acknowledging the investment of those who have helped to groom her from “A born leader” to “a GREAT leader” Sheba walks the talk, as a mentor to others.

In concert with mentoring, Sheba educates. Simply put, she believes “To empower is to educate,” and she interweaves this principle in every area of her life. As such, she can be found regularly speaking the truth in love with signature “Sheba-style”, as a guest-speaker on podcasts, community forums and international women’s conferences. She hosts “Sheba Talks” a weekly inspirational call and convenes annual charitable events “TitTeas – a Breast Cancer Empowerment Fundraiser” and “Brown Bags” a pop-up style food drive. In her beloved second home of Nigeria, Sheba has appeared on Rock City FM Radio 101.9 and has recently launched her newest empowerment initiative, “Dear Men” an edgy, branded clothing line, with anti-domestic violence messages.

To rejuvenate, and as a means of spreading unconditional love, Sheba creates – art, music, poetry, and more. She published her first children’s book ‘Heart of Gold’ in July 2020 as an ode to her “heartbeat” and son Adonai. Always intentional, and forward-thinking Sheba is committed to etching the mission of Sheba and a legacy of love into hearts for generations to come, especially that of her son, Adonai and twin daughters, Jubilee and Joyce.